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Veronica Altamirano

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阿根廷, Córdoba, 09:48
3 年 4 月
I have been working in the translation industry for 3 years and as I am passionate about translation I was able to improve in every area and deliver top quality translations. I am very detail-oriented so that I have never received a complain from any client. I always meet the deadlines and ask all the queries I have when I am dealing with a text.


National University of Córdoba

  • 2015
  • 阿根廷
  • 学士
  • English<>Spanish Translation


在Interaction Translation Services担任Project Manager
2018 到 现在
I am mainly in charge of managing translation projects from the beginning to end. I receive, analyze documents, find a team that can translate/edit the documents, proofread files, send queries to clients, deliver files, do QAs, do subtitle shortenings and ensure client satisfaction.
在Interation Translation Services担任Freelance Translator
2017 到 现在
I translate and edit documents from different fields such as Legal, IT, Tourism and Marketing using CAT tools, glossaries, TMs. I have improved a lot and I can now translate texts in a way that they sound very natural in Spanish.