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Sri Hartati Citroprawiro

17 个字

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年度报告 商业 合同和报告 建筑施工 通讯 企业资源计划 经济学


印度尼西亚, Tangerang Selatan, 05:19
I started working in the translation jobs in 1974. My works include various types of documents from English to Indonesian vise versa, I am an IT professional.   
I studied from University of California Extension Independent Study Program, Business Administration, majoring in Accounting. The materials that I studied have contributed a lot in my system designing works and my translation jobs.
I have translated engineering and economic reports, cont...


Univ. of California Independent Study Program, California ( State Univ.)

  • 1978
  • 印度尼西亚
  • 专家
  • Business Administration -Advanced Accounting

Univ. of California Independent Study Program, California

  • 1975
  • 印度尼西亚
  • 专家
  • Business Administration, General Accounting

Univ. of California Independent Study Program, California ( State Univ.)e

  • 1977
  • 印度尼西亚
  • 专家
  • Business Administration, Intermediate Accounting


在Various companies担任IT Consultant and Translator
2011 到 2020
I continued working as IT Consultant and free-lance translator.
在Various companies担任IT Consultant
1998 到 2010
I worked as free lance consultant on software applications running on the Wang main-frame and personal computers, assisted by a team. Among the clients are Cinere Hospital, Aero Wisata, PTP 18 Semarang, and BOC Gases Indonesia. I wrote reports and user manuals in English as well as Bahasa Indonesia. During the time I also took the translation jobs. August 1996 – November 1998 I worked with PT Tata Sarana Informasi Mandiri as an IT Consultant. I provided consultancy to the user companies a
在PT Delta Djakarta 担任IT manager
1988 到 1996
I joined PT Delta Djakarta as an IT manager. This is a brewing company that produces several brands of beer and soft drink. Based on my international experiences, besides my activities in the IT I was asked by the BOD members to make a conversion to the staff members to be more internationally minded by encouraging them to use the English language in daily activities. I translated annual reports, managements reports and other company papers, software manuals and others. I worked as free lance
在Dames & Moore International担任Administrative Manager/Assistant to the International Controller of corporate level
1983 到 1988
I was responsible for general and financial matters such as accounting, personnel, taxation and other general matters. I also worked as a part-time translator. consulting company with the head office in Los Angeles, California. Besides handling the Jakarta office, I also acted as assistant to the International Controller of corporate level. I worked in Los Angeles on the assignments with him and at the Australia offices (Sydney, Perth and Darwin), and also Singapore, and to coach the accounting
在Enex Consortium of New Zealand 担任Systems Analyst
1976 到 1983
I worked with Enex Consortium of New Zealand in Jakarta on a Directorate General of Highways’ project as Systems Analyst reporting to a senior system analyst who was based in Sydney. We did the screening/feasibility projects in highways and bridges. I did the IT analysis and wrote reports for the World Banks. During the time I got many of par-time translation jobs on civil engineering from the foreign consultants as well as local consultants of the Ministry of Public Works.
在Directorate General of Highways担任Secretary
1972 到 1976
Joined the Directorate General of Highways in Bandung office. I was assigned mostly as secretary to the foreign consultants, amongst those was from the World bank. My duties included writing and answering business letters not related to the engineering matters, making contacts with local and foreign consultants, preparing materials for meeting such as translating technical papers, etc. Apart from those I did translation for the local and foreign consultants on part-time basis of many books an


Final Report

  • 2020


文档 Final Report

Annexes to Final Report, Forest Project IV

  • 2020


文档 Annexes to Final Report, Forest Project IV

Univ. of California Independent Study Program, California

  • 1979


文档 Univ. of California Independent Study Program, California