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Samantha Schafer-Allen

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英语 母语  —
  • 英语(美国)
  • 英语(英国)
  • 德语(德国)

会计 商业 合同和报告 通讯 文件和证书 金融 时尚


德语  —
  • 德语(德国)
英语 母语
  • 英语(美国)
  • 英语(英国)


德国, Trier, 19:26
33 年 6 个月
Ambitious, translator, business owner, dedicated and disciplined business and financial manager, utilizes a proactive approach to overcome hindrances and implement prudent financial management guidelines. Self-motivated, resourceful and dynamic with extensive experience and a strong educational background in accounting, management, training and employee development; exceptional communication skills, “Team Player” with a thirst for responsibility,...


Benedict Sprachschule, Berufsfachschule Kaiserslautern, Private School for Foreign Languages

  • 德国


在Contractor (German/English Translation)担任Patient Liaison Officer
2020 到 现在
Medical translation German/English. Meet with patients to discuss the quality of their care. Explain medical insurance coverage and policies to patients. Collect information about the patient's treatment progress. Inform healthcare providers of any questions or complaints from patients. Inform families about patients' treatment progress.
在Le Vintage Sommelier 担任Owner
2016 到 现在
Ich bin die führende Mitbegründerin und der Seelenschöpfer hinter dem Geschäftsmodell Le Vintage Sommelier. Ich bin 90 prozentiger Aktionär und bin für das tägliche Geschäft verantwortlich, beispiel Termin Vereinbarung und Teilnahme an Veranstaltungen, die Umschau, Entdeckung und Bestellung neuer Produkte, so wie auch die Buchhaltung unter anderem. Ich habe über 30 Jahre Erfahrung in der Kundendienst-, Vertriebs- und Finanzindustrie. Ich bin ein WSET-zertifizierter Assistent Sommelier.
在The Freelance Fairy担任Owner
2014 到 现在
Lifestyle Management - Administrative Support, Freelance Writing, Corporate Bookkeeping, Experienced Web Search Evaluator, Translation Services, Certified Pearson VUE Test Administrator, "Welcome to Europe" - Tours, Utility Specialist, “Navigating the Laws of your host Country” - Tutorials, Certified Assistant Sommelier, Personal Shopper, Certified Climbing Instructor, Certified Mountain Rescuer & First Responder
在Linguistic Technology Solutions, Freelance – Project Consultant (German/English Translation)担任Freelance Project Consultant
2009 到 现在
Study language and the factors that influence language use. I have worked in several industries translating, analyzing, researching, and interpreting language. I have been employed in education and private sectors.
2009 到 现在
Personal & Corporate Concierge Service - Let us help you simplify your life! When you don’t have the time, we do! "You go with us, we'll gopher you!!" Translation Services, Personal Shopper, Freelance Writing, Web Search Evaluator Service, Corporate Bookkeeping, Mystery Shopper, Home/Office Organizing.


Translation for Newspaper (Paintball)

  • 2012


文档 Translation for Newspaper (Paintball)

Article - Holiday

  • 2006


文档 Article - Holiday

War & Doctors - Newspaper

  • 2006


文档 War & Doctors - Newspaper