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Radytha Kamarullah

584 个字

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英语  —
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  • 英语(英国)
  • 英语(澳大利亚)
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印尼语 母语

文艺 汽车 商业 通讯 高等教育 小说 饮食


英语  —
  • 英语(美国)
  • 英语(英国)
  • 英语(澳大利亚)
  • 英语(加拿大)
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印尼语 母语


Indonesia, 09:13
7 年 11 个月
Dear Smartcat,
I am a professional translator/subtitler and my mother tongue is Bahasa (Indonesian), the language pair I work with is English <> Indonesian.
I started as a self-taught poet and prose writer and onto the education world who taught not only by the formulas but also with logic to reach enduring understandings. In 2013, I found the art of translation to be most captivating and started to take various projects from translating lega...


Jayawisata Tourism School

  • 2009
  • Indonesia
  • Tourism


在Freelance Linguist担任Translator/Editor/Proofreader/Copy Writer/Transcreator/Subtitler
2013 到 现在
- Translation: Various Law documents, news articles, marketing tools, corpus, social media content. - Copy Writing: Various articles, social media content. - Transcreation: Various contemporary and Christian song lyrics. - Subtitling: Various online streaming content.
在Online Streaming Platform担任Subtitler/Editor/Proofreader
2018 到 2020
Translated, edited, and proofread subtitles for content release on a major streaming platform.
在Pandurasa Kharisma担任Translator/Foreign Liaison/Business Development Manager
2018 到 2018
- Translated and communicated the company's business with foreign brand principals. - Conducted in-depth research in developing the business. - Created training modules. (Also translating them) - Created product knowledge and descriptive translation for brands like Ovomaltine, Lindt Chocolate, Al-Shifa Honey, The Jelly Bean Factory, etc.
在Faito Racing Development Indonesia担任Translator/Copywriter/Content Writer/Foreign liaison Officer
2017 到 2018
- Created product insights and creative selling points for catalog and promotional use. (Also translating them) - Created training modules (also translated it) and trained new marketing and sales executives. - Overseas communication and liaison with vendors.
在Warung Kreasi Indonesia担任Translator/Editor
2015 到 2017
- Researched and analyzed media contents. - Translated and edited media contents. - Tools and application research and development. - Social media campaign and management.
在Kudos Tutoring Center担任English Teacher
2014 到 2015
- Taught grammatical and conversational English to students aged 10 to 40. - TOEFL and IELTS test preparation for students going to study abroad.
在Sang Timur Catholic School担任English Teacher
2013 到 2014
- Taught grammatical English to 3rd and 4th year elementary students.
在Kids Campus担任English Teacher
2012 到 2014
- Taught grammatical and conversational English to students aged 9 to 17. - TOEFL and IELTS preparation test for students going to study abroad. - In charge of Pronunciation Diagnostic Project for teachers' speaking skills.


Online Streaming Platform - Subtitle Translation

  • 2018


文档 Online Streaming Platform - Subtitle Translation

News Article - Dark Matter Galaxy

  • 2016


文档 News Article - Dark Matter Galaxy