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Ozan Capraz

24千 个字
14 个项目

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土耳其, Istanbul, 01:33
7 年 5 个月
My name is Ozan. I am a 24 years old native Turkish speaker living in Turkey. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Translation and Interpreting. I have been a freelance translator since 2014 and I have been doing it fulltime since 2017. Since I have started working as a translator, I have taken part in over 1000 translation projects. During this period, I have translated about 6 million words.


Yeni Yuzyil University

  • 2017
  • 土耳其
  • 学士
  • Transalation and Interpretation


2014 到 现在
My specializations: Technical: Manuals (Industrial, Automation, Automobile), Technical Specifications (Engineering), Compliance Statements (Devices). About 3 million words. Legal: Contracts and Agreements, Court, Insurance, Social Care, Ombudsman Documents and Public Correspondences. About a million words. Medical: Reports, Epicrisis Documents, Medical Device Manuals, Medication Manuals, Pharmacy Documents. About a million words. IT: Hardware and Software Manuals, Website Localizations.
在Magma Solutions担任Translator
2017 到 2018
After I have graduated, I have worked with several translation companies as a freelance translator until I have signed a contract with Magma Solutions and became an exclusive translator for them. During my one-year contract, I have worked in projects ranging from technical translation to medical translation. I have carried out projects for reputable clients such as Siemens, Kia, Netflix, Turkish Football Association, Turkish Airlines and Turkish Medical Association. Specifically, I have taken pa
在Universal Studios Hollywood担任Sales Assistant
2016 到 2016
I have worked in Universal Studios Hollywood as part of a Work and Travel program for four months. I participated in various positions which involved helping people around the park, welcoming them and taking pictures of people in order to sell them.
在Kenbil Translation Office担任Intern Translator
2016 到 2016
As an in-house translator, I have given consecutive translation services at notary publics in addition to translation of legal documents such as power of attorneys, graduation certificates, trade registry gazettes etc.


Marketing Translation

  • 2018


文档 Marketing Translation

Technical Translation

  • 2018


文档 Technical Translation