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Noppadol Thamrong

459 个字

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英语  —
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泰语 母语

商业 时尚 小说 饮食 游戏 一般 产品和目录


泰语 母语  — 英语
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  • 英语(英国)
  • 英语(澳大利亚)
  • 英语(加拿大)
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泰国, Chonburi, 17:23
6 个月
I am a graduate from Southern New Hampshire University in Manchester, United States, I live in the U.S. for eight years. Thai is my native language and I can also communicate in English both verbally and writing.


Southern New Hampshire University

  • 2020
  • 美国
  • 学士
  • Hospitality Business Major with an Event & Convention Management Concentration


在PIZZA ’32 By Southern New Hampshire University担任Back of House
2020 到 2020
• Prepared a wide array of food items • Assisted the head chef with any food related needs • Provided pizzas, salads, and other food items to the guests • Provided future employees with guidelines on how to provide the best services and food for the guests • Provided future employees with guidelines on how to operate each station efficiently and properly • Cooperated with other department of the restaurant to provide the best dining experience for the guests
在The Zign Hotel担任Sales Representative Intern
2019 到 2019
• Devised strategies to improve customer satisfaction and make our guests stay more memorable • Analyzed the data to determine the periods when the hotel's occupancy rate was at its maximum and devise strategies to gain maximum benefits from those peak seasons • Provided Customer Service • Identify the needs of the guests and appropriately match their needs to the room types • Provided site inspections to guests those interested in staying at the hotel or renting the venues
在UBON THAI 2 GO担任Front Counter
2019 到 2019
• Picked up orders from walk-in customers to provide accurate information to the back of the house • Operated the Toast POS system for faster customer services. • Answered phone calls for customers take-out orders • Accepted online orders and made sure the information was accurate and ready to be prepared • Served dined-in customers while providing them the best dining experience.
在The Zign Hotel担任Culinary Intern
2018 到 2018
• Prepared food for the breakfast buffet, a la carte menu, room service, and events/conventions • Managed inventory and stocking for the department to reduce food waste and provide an accurate amount of ingredients on a daily • Serviced hotel guests during breakfast time to provide outstanding stay experience • Analyzed the guest numbers and diet to provide a unique experience for the guests • Specialized in Thai Cuisine and International breakfast


Video Game Project Translation for a client

  • 2021


文档 Video Game Project Translation for a client

SMARTCAT First Document Translation

  • 2021


文档 SMARTCAT First Document Translation