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Nadia Dabbene

240 个字

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英语  —
  • 英语(美国)
  • 英语(英国)
  • 英语(爱尔兰)
  • 意大利语(意大利) 母语

文艺 通讯 化妆 高等教育 时尚 小说 饮食


西班牙, 00:17
3 年 8 个月



  • 2019
  • 西班牙
  • 硕士

University of Palermo

  • 2011
  • 意大利
  • 学士


在Sigma Artificial Intelligence担任Transcriptionist
2020 到 现在
Proofreading and editing transcribed reports. Creating accurate written versions of audio and video recordings, reviewing and editing transcriptions done by speech recognition software, and identifying any inconsistencies. Time manangement skills Typing speed improvement and superb attention to details Confidentiality
在Traducciones Bienza担任EN/ES >Italian Audiovisual Translator
2019 到 现在
Subtitle Translation and timing for short movies and documentaries. Improvement of technical and creative abilities, typical of audiovisual translation.
在ISTRAD担任Italian translator and corrector
2019 到 现在
Translation of academic material Correction of student's eercises
在Transperfect Overtaal担任Localization Engineer and Quotes
2019 到 2019
Analyze and quote projects for new and existing clients TMs creation and update Prepare files for translation/localization Final eye and quality check
在Kingston Technology担任Customer service and IT support specialist
2016 到 2017
I was in charge of the presales and post-sale correspondence from the Spanish, Italian and UK market. As a Customer Service Specialist, I had to liaise with the 2° level Technical Support and RMA department as well as the Sales and Research and Development teams. My task was also to translate documents and templates from English into Italian and Spanish. I also worked on a translation project that required revision and update of existing documents.
在Cyntergy担任Italian, Spanish and English speaker Helpdesk
2016 到 2016
At Cyntergy I offered IT support to retailers contacting from UK, Italy and Spain. My task was to troubleshoot their issues either to solve them over the phone or to escalate their tickets to the second level technical support department.
在IFF International担任Telephone interviewer for Market Research
2012 到 2013
At IFF International my task was to acquire data for international market researches in Italian, Spanish andEnglish language as well as to translate questionnaires.
在Cultural office of the Italian Embassy担任Translator Trainee and Event Management team member
2012 到 2012
As an intern at the IIC I worked with the rest of the team in order to promote a wide variety of Italian cultural events, such as the Michelangelo Antonioni film festival. One of my main task was to translate from Italian into Spanish and vice-versa the material issued by the Institute.