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Makarova Olga

39千 个字
4 个项目

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英语  —
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  • 英语(美国)
俄语 母语

饮食 生命科学 文艺 语言 化妆 营销、广告和公关 高等教育


俄罗斯联邦, 05:57
13 年 3 个月
I'm a freelance En>Ru translator based in Russia with a PhD in Linguistics and a strong background in translation, transcreation, localisation, and proofreading. I specialize in marketing, tourism & hospitality, education and e-learning, and food industry. I have experience translating articles, brochures, legal (T&C, GDPR, contracts), guidelines, manuals, printed collateral (e.g. sales brochures) as well as eNewsletters, website articles and adv...


Novgorod State University

  • 2007
  • 俄罗斯联邦
  • 博士
  • Lnguistics

Tomsk State Pedagogical University

  • 2001
  • 俄罗斯联邦
  • 专家
  • Linguistics & Cross-Cultural Communication


在Self-employed担任Freelance translator
2009 到 现在
● Translated over 1.400.000 words for the world’s largest hotel company ● Successfully completed over 800 translation projects, ranging from documents to entire websites ● Effectively used translation software to ensure accuracy & consistency ● Compiled a style guide for a luxury travel brand ● Brand guardian for a high-profile client
在Novgorod State University担任In-house translator and editor at Russian academic journals
2008 到 现在
Translated from English into Russian and vice versa: abstracts, research papers, business correspondence ● Specialism: linguistics, history, electronics, social & medical sciences, education ● Proofread and edited papers as per requirements ● Provided quality control over documents as required ● Assisted the Head Editor with daily tasks and duties as needed
在Novgorod State Univesrity担任2006 – 2016 Associate Professor at Faculty of Linguistics
2006 到 2016
● Lecturer in English-Russian translation ● Published three guides on translation ● Edited books and international conference proceedings
在Tver Agricultural Academy担任Post-graduate student at Language Theory and Cross-Cultural Communication
2003 到 2005
Taught English for Specific Purposes across all levels for students (Agriculture)
在Tomsk Polytechnic University担任Assistant Professor
2001 到 2002
Taught English for Specific Purposes for students of Faculty of Applied Physics and Engineering, Institute of Geology and Oil & Gas Industry