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Luciano Zamponi

69千 个字
14 个项目

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英语  — 意大利语

一般 信息技术和电信


意大利, Recanati (MC)
31 年 4 个月
Full-time professional technical translation, software localizer and consultant


School for Translators and Interpreters of Trieste University

  • 1989
  • 意大利
  • 专家


在Euronet di Zamponi Luciano担任Freelance technical translator, localizer, consultant
1992 到 现在
Run my own business and work for leading software houses and translation agencies worldwide. I offer localization and translation services from English and French into Italian.
在Logos担任Project Manager, technical translator, localizer
1994 到 1995
Senior translator from English and French into Italian. Responsible for quality control over translation teams' work. Project leader for several localization projects. Areas of specialization: localization of computer-related software and hardware packages; technical and scientific translations in general. Started using several CAT tools, namely Trados, DejaVu and XL8
在Free-lance translator担任Technical translator and localizer
1992 到 1993
Worked for all leading software localization agencies in Ireland: Softrans-Berlitz, ELT, ITP, Eurotext. Approved editor and proofreader for Microsoft Ireland. Took part in several localization projects, both individually and as a team member/leader. Specialized in using several platforms: PC, Macintosh and UNIX. Started working as a DTP specialist (FrameMaker).
在Softrans-Berlitz International担任Team leader, technical translator
1991 到 1992
Work included translation from English into Italian of software and computer documentation, compilation of glossaries, editing and proofreading of translated texts and eventual formatting of the same. I was team leader and editor for one major project, which involved editing and consistency-checking work from external translators, as well as having responsibility for the translation of part of the associated software in-house. I also successfully completed courses in Ventura Publisher and DOS/No