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Kirill Kurepin

1.1百万 个字

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俄语 母语  — 英语

网站 手册 通讯 合同和报告 文艺 建筑施工 电气工程


英语  — 俄语 母语

合同和报告 文件和证书 产品和目录 软件 网站 手册 文艺


俄罗斯联邦, 11:36
13 年 2 个月
I have started working as a freelance interpreter even before I have graduated, doing simple Russian to English and vice-versa translations for websites and also providing translated manuals for PA and stage-audio equipment for Russian music store network (MuzTorg). After graduating I have pursued the career of interpreter and started working in the construction materials production company as an interpreter (TechnoNicol) during the renovation of...


Moscow State Linguistic University

  • 2013
  • 俄罗斯联邦
  • 专家
  • Linguistic Analysis of Advertisement Texts and Mottos.


在LLC "Business Trends"担任Lead Translator
2016 到 现在
Project work as part of international team during production stage of Nord Stream 2 project development in supplying pipe mills (Chelpipe, OMK), plate mills (MMK), test houses and welder training camp. My main scope of work was spoken and written translation, optimizing of initial documentation for dual-language usage, management of translator team on-site and remotely.
在LLC "Energo Progress"担任Freelance Translator
2018 到 2018
Freelance project for vast documentation translation on topic of electrical installations, electrical maintenance and general electrical facility layout documentation.
在Qubiqa A/S担任Freelance Interpreter/Translator
2015 到 2016
Project work in mineral wool insulation plants in Zainsk, Khabarovsk, Rostov-On-Don with representatives of LLC "TechnoNICOL" as host party. My dutires included spoken En-Ru and Ru-En translations on-site, during the meetings and skype conferences; daily reporting on equipment installation progress with weekly presentation report on achieved milestones.
在LLC "TechnoNICOL"担任Freelance Interpreter/Translator
2014 到 2015
Project work on mineral wool insulation plant in Chelyabinsk with representatives of Qubiqa A/S, Lachenmeier A/S. I was performing spoken Ru-En and En-Ru translations on-site, during the meetings, skype conferences as well as preparation and compiling of records book and other technical documentation including mechanical and electrical installation and maintenance manuals, operator manuals.


Ru-En Translation Technical Manuals for Electrical Equipment

  • 2018


文档 Ru-En Translation Technical Manuals for Electrical Equipment