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Junko Shimizu

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日本, Koganeishi, 01:15
6 年 5 个月
I've worked various jobs in my 20's and raised 3 children in Russia and Australia. I had many opportunities to have relationships with local people and volunteer for the schools and the club teams. After coming back to Tokyo, I worked to introduce Japanese culture to non-Japanese people for 5 years. Unfortunately, because of COVID-19, all projects were canceled and I've shifted to work to translate at home. I learned an online translating academy...



  • 1992
  • 日本
  • 学士
  • 言語学

Solihull College

  • 1996
  • 大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国
  • Florist


在Welcome to Tokyo担任general staff
2015 到 2020
Providing various activities for non-Japanese who live in Tokyo in order to help them enjoy Japan and Japanese culture *Hold a program once a month *Planning, negotiating, operating originally in alternate shifts *Create English text for applying form *Making invitation *Making script for MC *Reception (reference) Cupnoodle museum/ Ajinomoto factory/ Kao factory/ House boating/ Calligraphy/ Tea ceremony/ Ikebana/ Kimono/ Kabuki/ Live Make-up Demonstration of Kabuki/ Strawberry picking/ Art
在Freelance flower arrangement designer担任freelance
1997 到 2003
Worked as a freelance after coming back to Japan from England and made many wedding bouquets and corsages
在Ito Yokado Co. Ltd.担任general sales specialist
1992 到 1995
◎Selling men’s clothes ◎Using computer installed Pos-System for below tasks *Inventory control *Management manpower *Service for customer *Complaints handling *Price changes etc.