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Julia Khlyzova

12千 个字

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俄语 母语  — 英语
  • 英语(美国)
  • 英语(英国)

文艺 生物 商业 合同和报告 企业社会责任 通讯 文件和证书


英语  —
  • 英语(美国)
  • 英语(英国)
  • 英语(加拿大)
  • 英语(澳大利亚)
俄语 母语

汽车 银行投资 商业 企业社会责任 通讯 文件和证书 经济学


俄罗斯联邦, 15:47
4 年 6 个月
An inventive international level translator with over 2 years of experience and broad content writing, editing, and marketing history. 

Native Russian speaker and native-level English speaker, 7 years living and studying in the UK. My teaching experience, espcially with B2 and C1 students, has led me to being able to navigate nuances of any text and to communicate that to others with ease and clarity. My past projects pertained to psychology, ma...


Royal Holloway University of London

  • 2017
  • 大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国
  • 学士
  • BSc Psychology, Clincal Psychology and Mental Health


在freelance担任ESL Teacher
2020 到 2020
• CELTA certified teacher, C2 level, lessons conducted in English • Equipping CAE examinees with writing skills and 10+ mark boost • Assisting adult students in navigating high level reading of their choosing, coupled with thematic discussion and literary research
在Vostock Capital担任Marketing Communications Manager
2019 到 2020
• Composed newsletters reaching over 1000 key energy experts • Edited press releases and saw to them being displayed across 300 news outlets and social media platforms • Organised national TV channels' presence in an international energy congress with over 150 attendants including government officials • Established lasting connections with more than 200 media partners as well as major industry entities like GIE and EERA
在LLC Holding Ural-Siberian Fire-Fighting and Technological Company担任Translator
2017 到 2019
•Provided simultaneous interpetation during corporate negotiations • Edited and updated company's website in three languages • Accommodated the sales and accounting departments as well as the head office in ongoing communication with overseas partners in Finland, India, Iran, Oman, and Turkey • Delivered accurate translation of commercial offers, technical specifications, legal documents
在Luxe Kurves担任Copyeditor and Lifestyle Contributor
2018 到 2018
• Written close to 30 pieces on lifestyle, fashion, and social change • Edited over 100 of other contributors' works, being the last stage of revision before the editor-in-chief in digital publishing • Built upon existing experience of content writing and blogging of 3 years for an audience of 3000
在Livingston Research担任Copywriter
2018 到 2018
• Researching various subjects, from Healthcare and Nursing to History • Completing assignments in an allocated time, sometimes extremely limited • Providing high quality writing, with critical thought and thorough understanding of the subject


Game Localization Sample 1 EN>RU

  • 2021


文档 Game Localization Sample 1 EN>RU

The Death of George Floyd (The New Yorker) EN>RU

  • 2020


文档 The Death of George Floyd (The New Yorker) EN>RU

Water Tender Technical Characteristics RU>EN

  • 2020


文档 Water Tender Technical Characteristics RU>EN

A Visually Impaired Man's Safari Journey EN>RU

  • 2020


文档 A Visually Impaired Man's Safari Journey EN>RU