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Illes Kovacs

4 109 个字

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英语  —
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  • 英语(英国)
匈牙利语 母语

会计 建筑 文艺 银行投资 区块链和加密货币 商业 建筑施工


Hungary, Vacegres, 09:24
21 年 2 个月
I have had the privilege to spend some of my teenage years abroad and have been called to interpret for many of my friends already then. It has been much later that I started doing this as a profession but it's needless to say that translations and interpreting is second nature to me.

My real love is for interpreting as I love to act out whatever role the speaker gives me. I can do that for 8 hours all alone in a booth and at the end I might be ...


在Freelancer担任Translator, Interpreter
2013 到 现在
Simultaneous and consecutive stage interpreting for big company events at WorldVentures, NuSkin, Fireflies, Lifepharm Global, Zinzino and many other companies. Translation and subtitling of videos. Translation of books on preassembled houses. Translation of catalogs, websites, etc.
在HCA CE Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd担任Translator, Interpreter, Marketing Director
2013 到 现在
Live interpreting of business seminars and conferences, translation of course materials, websites. Assembling marketing materials in Hungarian based on English sources and Hungarian needs.