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Genbot Weldeyohanse

424 个字

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埃及, Cairo, 17:22
11 年 2 个月
I have been working in different fields since 2010. Which means right after i graduated. Since then i have been working in different places with different positions. Mostly i have been working as translator and interpreter. I am working with the locals and NGO'S translation and interpretation work. I can translate more than three languages to English and vise versa. I am very confident with my translation and interpretation skills. I had very goo...


EIT (Eritrean Institute Of Technology)

  • 2010
  • Eritrea
  • 学士
  • Civil engineering


在StARS (Saint Andrew's Refugee Services)担任Coordinator
2018 到 2020
- Coordinating with more than 20 other programs on how to support the unaccompanied children - supervising more than 50 staff - directly supervising senior caseworkers and caseworkers and planning how to make the program and the clients more satisfactory - attending management meetings and reporting about the work that we have done in the program. - Conducting weekly meeting for all the staff - Conducting monthly training for all the staff to improve their skills
在StARS (Saint Andrew's Refugee Services)担任Senior psychosocial caseworker
2017 到 2018
- supervising four caseworkers for unaccompanied children - conducting supervision for the caseworkers and following up with the work they are doing and planning action plan - organizing events for the clients
在StARS (Saint Andrews Refugee Services)担任Unaccompanied Children and Youth case worker
2016 到 2017
- meeting and conducting interview for clients who are new arrivals to the country - taking necessary assessment and planning support for the clients - conducting psychoeducational sessions for new comers and introducing them with the different service providers and their rights as refugees or asylum seekers - referring clients to NGO'S depending on their needs for services
在StARS (Saint Andrews Refugees Services)担任Translator and interpreter
2016 到 2016
- translation of legal documents to three languages (Tigrigna, Tigre, and Bilen) to English - interpreting three languages to English
在Private organization (Nadim center)担任- Translator and interpreter
2015 到 2016
- interpreting Tigrigna, Tigre and Bilen to English for clients who were survivor or torture to English and vise versa - translating documents for the clients from English to Tigrigna, Tigre and Bilen
在Ministry of building 担任Project manager
2013 到 2014
- supervising a team of 36 surveyors and employees - reporting weekly to head manager work achievements and work covered - attending meeting on weekly basis and preparing plans for the week ahead - introducing new employees to the work and staff - awarded best worker of the month
在Ministry of education担任Math teacher
2010 到 2013
- Preparing lesson plan - taking a lead in classroom management across the school - director or school principal assistant - translating for pupils who can't understand English in the school - facilitating sport activities and created a club that teaches music and dancing - awarded as the best teacher for two three consecutive years by the school and the village



  • 2020


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