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Elisabetta Babici

75千 个字

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英语  —
  • 英语(英国)
  • 英语(美国)
  • 意大利语(意大利) 母语

一般 网站 旅游 营销、广告和公关 商业 化妆 饮食


德语  —
  • 德语(德国)
  • 意大利语(意大利) 母语

文艺 商业 化妆 高等教育 小说 饮食 一般


法语  —
  • 法语(法国)
  • 意大利语(意大利) 母语

文艺 化妆 高等教育 时尚 小说 饮食 一般


3 年 3 个月
I am a Master's student in Specialized Translation (Technical, Legal and Financial) at the Universität Heidelberg (Germany). In 2019 I obtained my Bachelor's Degree in Translation Studies with English, German and French as foreign languages. After my graduation, I spent half a year in Germany and the UK to gain work experience in the field of translation. I am currently open to a part-time job or other projects. 


SSML Gregorio VII

  • 2019
  • 意大利
  • 学士
  • Translation Studies: Translation and Interpretation

City University of London

  • 2017
  • 大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国
  • 专家
  • Specialisation Course on Legal, Financial and Audiovisual Translation: Applied Business Translation, General Translation, Introduction to Legal and Financial Translation, Practical Translation Assignments English>Italian, Introduction to Interpreting Italian>English -Introduction to Swift/Adept, Introduction to Subtitle creation, editing and timing, Subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing (SDH), Introduction to the principles of audio description, writing scripts for audio description, practical work included subtitling and/or description of clips from documetaries, TV series and feature films of different genres.

Universität Heidelberg

  • 2022
  • 德国
  • 硕士
  • Specialized Translation (Technical, Legal, and Financial Translation)


在Nancini Sport担任Catalogue Translation IT>DE
2020 到 现在
Translation of the 2020 Catalogue for Nancini Sport, Italian Brand of clothing and sport items. Task: Translation into German of the catalogue product descriptions, about 11000 words weekly
在Global Voices Lingua (international magazine)担任Translator
2020 到 现在
-Journalistic translation in areas such as Human Rights, Women and Gender, Ethnicity and Race, International Relations, Technology, Arts and Culture -Use of wordpress tools to adjust text formatting, hyperlinks, quotes, media content, editing and proofreading - Working with an international community to raise awareness on current issues by making foreign articles available in multiple languages My portfolio: https://it.globalvoices.org/author/elisabetta-babici/
在Global Voices Ltd. (Linguist Department)担任Translator
2020 到 2020
Programme: assisting with translation projects, proofreading, learning about new CAT tools, assisting more senior member of the staffs and contacting linguists/helping, project managers Interrupted due to the coronavirus outbreak
在Translation Commons担任Translator and Localizator
2020 到 2020
-Translation and localization, website content (Sign-up video, Demo platform video), documentation (Mentoring Guidelines), journalistic translation (general translation), subtitling, marketing -Use of industry-standard CAT tools such as Memsource, SDL Trados, MateCat, Amara and TMs -Contributing to the growth of an NGO for language professionals, cross-functional projects in diverse sectors of the language industry, development of resources for the empowerment of linguists
在TED Conferences担任Translator, transcriber, subtitler
2019 到 2020
-Translator, transcriber, subtitler of TED videos using the Amara platform -Contributed to sharing and spreading innovative ideas worldwide in as many languages as possible
在SSML Gregorio VII担任Junior translator
2019 到 2019
-Literary translation of the novel “Die Meisterin” (de>it) -Analysis, narrative techniques from a translating perspective, editing and proofreading -Worked with a senior translator providing guidance to students
在Villa Médicis担任Customer service and relation
2018 到 2019
-Congress hostess, welcome service, event coordinator and manager of exhibitions and artwork (“Le Violon d’Ingres” 2018-2019, “ROMAMOR” 2019) -Public relations and customer service for visitors in it, en, fr, -Managed workload effectively to reduce time needed to perform regular operation tasks


Personal website: https://www.elisabettababici.it/


文档 Personal website: https://www.elisabettababici.it/