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Dorothee Manteau

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1 年 4 个月
Plumeo is a Canadian company that provides English to French translation. Born and raised in France, I can translate both in Canadian French and European French. Trained as a Geoscientist, my background is engineering and scientific, which is why I specialize in Geosciences and Technical translations. 


Univeristy of Bordeaux 1

  • 2002
  • 法国
  • 硕士
  • Geosciences in urban, rural, coastal and coastal areas

University of Strasbourg

  • 2022
  • 法国
  • 硕士
  • Technical Communication and Localization


在Active Translators SRL担任Freelance translator and QA checker
2021 到 现在
Human translation strings population for MT, checking the quality of other linguists' translation including mistake categorization
在Plumeo担任Owner and translator - Freelancer
2020 到 现在
I run Plumeo from tralslation to marketing
在SNC Lavalin担任GIS data manager and AutoCAD technologist in an environmental team
2017 到 2020
 Checked and corrected scientific posters translation  Create digital graphic and descriptive products to provide visual support for decision-making  Collect data from Governmental sources, District and Municipalities websites  Georeference Aerial Imagery and documents  Manipulate Lidar data and Digital Elevation Model (DEM)  Convert files between AutoCAD and ArcGIS and various data formats  Manage vast amounts of various data such as survey, cadastral, zoning, tenure…
在Parsons担任Civil engineering technician
2015 到 2017
 Designed parking lot and Municipal Infrastructures (AutoCAD Civil 3D)  Analysed, modeled and calculated sewer pressurized network to locate and determine required improvement  Assessed aging sewer systems and estimated Inflow and Infiltration  Calculated volumes of fill and cuts  Coordinated clients and sub-consultants in submission and tendering processes  Coordinated consultant construction review  Construction Site Inspector
2012 到 2014
 Participated in the largest government-funded project to map Northern Quebec’s Quaternary deposits with satellite images:  Interpreted satellite images and aerial photography to map the surface deposits (ArcGIS)  Planned and conducted field campaigns (using a GPS)  Pulled available data from Governmental sources in order to map site boundary and protected areas  Analyzed data for forestry mapping  Improved workflow by using ModelBuilder (ArcGIS application)  Identified deposits of const
在Genivar担任Technologist in Water and Sewer system
2010 到 2012
 Carried out pre-design surveys using a Total Station  Designed parking lots, sewer and water networks (AutoCAD)  Pioneered final delivery tracking method
在VRD Concept担任Engineer in training
2006 到 2009
 Designed gas, electrical and water networks in order to deliver the plans for tenders  Coordinated tradesmen and labourers  Drafted up specifications and prepared estimation
在Maritime Service of the Gironde担任Geoscientist in training
2002 到 2002
Optimization of dredging operations in the access channels of tidal ports in the Arcachon Basin.  Participated in remote sensing programs  Created bathymetric profiles and maps  Analyzed and compared dredging effects on sediment accumulation  Planned the extraction and the storage of the dredge spoils
在University of Lille 1 - Sedimentology Laboratory担任Mapper in Sedimentology, stage on Black Earth Formation
2001 到 2001
Participated research for studying Callovian-Oxfordian Passage  Sampled accurately  Interpreted diffractogram in order to identify the mineral


Tekom Technical communication in progress

  • 2021


文档 Tekom Technical communication in progress

Health concern - Report on Loot Boxes

  • 2021


文档 Health concern - Report on Loot Boxes

Community Translator

  • 2020


文档 Community Translator

Press Headline translation

  • 2020


文档 Press Headline translation

GIS data manager

  • 2017


文档 GIS data manager

Master in Geosciences

  • 2002


文档 Master in Geosciences