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Diego Prado

115千 个字

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英语  —
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年度报告 文艺 航空航天 商业 合同和报告 企业社会责任 通讯




Centro Universitário Faculdades Metropolitanas Unidas

  • 2011
  • 巴西
  • 学士
  • Translation and Interpreting


在Self Employment担任Freelance Language Professional
2011 到 现在
Provides translation, subtitling, transcription and proofreading services (EN-PT, PT-EN, SP-PT, SP-EN) for direct final customers as well as several multinational language agencies such as: Lingual Consultancy Services, Dux Translations, Linguistica International, Rome2Rio.
在American Airlines担任International Sales Representative
2018 到 2020
I took part of a 45 day training, including one full module taken at the company's headquarters in Dallas, TX, on American Airlines' technical procedures, sales techniques, data protection and customer service standards. I was twice awarded and recognized amongst the 5% monthly top sellers globally. Through a partnership between the company and the Harvard University, I was able to take online courses focused on leadership and excellence in customer service.
在Ten Lifestyle Group担任Partnership Manager South America
2014 到 2018
I have built and developed a network of trusted suppliers in Brazil during a business expansion in which the local office has drastically increased its capacity and number of employees. I have negotiated benefits at over 50 fine dining restaurants in South America and USA for a world-famous credit card corporation’s Global Dining and Benefit Program. I have developed exclusive offers in Brazil, Argentina and USA for important clients of major finance institutions.
在Marriott International - Renaissance São Paulo担任Lead Concierge
2009 到 2014
I had a crucial role in the company during a major brand repositioning which now had the Concierge as one of its pillars. I have worked daily on staff training and meeting sessions at all areas of the hotel providing all ambassadors with “Concierge Basics”, as well as important updates on the city’s dining and entertainment industry.