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David Dubroeucq

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  • Gökhan Fırat,  Localex Translation
    机器翻译译后编辑英语(美国) > 法语(法国)

    1 七月'19

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  • IC
    Irene Calle,  Open Mind Group LLC
    校对英语 > 法语(法国)

    6 九月'18

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法国, Lille, 07:33
10 年 5 个月
I am excited to contribute to SmartCat in this disruption era! Please find out about my highlights:

- 2017: United Nations EN>FR Reviewer at the UNAKRT (Khmer Rouge Trials), Cambodia. Transcripts: Khmer (source), EN (relay), FR (target). I reviewed 45 transcripts, correcting many inconsistencies in the interpretation (mostly of uneducated Cambodian lay people witnessing in court).
- 2011-2013: point French translator at ...


Université Lille 3

  • 2010
  • 法国
  • 学士
  • English Language, Literature and Civilisation

Université d’Artois

  • 2014
  • 法国
  • 硕士
  • Masters (first year) of Teaching French as a Foreign Language

International House Chiang Mai

  • 2015
  • 泰国
  • 硕士
  • CELTA - Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (Master equivalent)


在FunkyCorp Ltd.担任Localization Quality Controller - French - Freelance
2018 到 现在
Specialisation: Japan tourism content ▪ Review the French translations against the relay English version by taking into account: o The use of the glossary and style guide; o The accuracy of translations depending on the context; o The consistency of terminology throughout the batches. ▪ Anticipate/report localization issues to the Localization Manager and offer suggestions to avoid/correct them; ▪ Communicate with the Project Manager and colleagues to ensure consistency throughout languages.
在KOTOBA TRANSLATION担任Freelance English-to-French translator (online, part time)
2018 到 现在
 Translation of large projects issued by blockchain-based businesses;  Kind of files translated: ICO-related files and promotional content, i.e. white papers; technical documentation; investor kits; website material; promotional videos;  Communicating with the project manager and project lead to maximise accuracy and efficiency.
在GENGO, Inc.担任Freelance English-to-French translator (online, part time)
2016 到 现在
 Qualified at Pro level for both English-to-French and French-to-English translations;  Providing clients with accurate EN-FR translations; mostly commercial and marketing texts, incl. product/service descriptions; company websites; mobile/game apps; CVs, university personal statements, cover letters, etc.;  Communicating with clients to maximise relevance and accuracy.
在UNAKRT - United Nations Assistance to the Khmer Rouge Trials担任Consultant Language Reviewer - English to French (Phnom Penh, full time)
2017 到 2017
 Reviewed transcripts of trial proceedings in the target language (French) against a revised version of the relay English transcript;  Edited and translated whenever necessary to correct substantive errors or omissions detected in the interpretation of the source language (Khmer/English), with the help of the digital audio recordings (in English);  Edited the transcripts to ensure accuracy and consistency in terminology, spelling, grammar and punctuation, following guidelines and glossaries.
在LINGUEE GmbH担任Freelance English-to-French editor (online, part time)
2014 到 2017
 Reviewed vocabulary suggestions for dictionary entries (5,000 reviews per contract);  Provided French dictionary translations for English dictionary entries;  Cross-checked and edited actual English/French dictionary pairs;  Collaborated with the team and suggested ideas to improve the reviewing process.
在AVAAZ.ORG担任Point French translator/proofreader (online, part time)
2011 到 2013
 Provided quality French translations of campaigns under tight deadlines (Google Docs spreadsheets, back end);  Translated and proofread texts with embedded html code + found relevant media sources for: o campaign material: global campaigns/fundraisers/polls, France, Canada, Distributed Organizing (DO) o media material: urgent press releases, letters to world leaders o other: campaign/website blurbs (back end), website/DO canned responses, website material e.g. privacy page.
在AVAAZ.ORG担任Volunteering English-to-French translator (online, part time)
2010 到 2011
 Translated and reviewed campaigns in collaboration with fellow French volunteers (EtherPad, Google Docs);  Supported the French Campaigner and the Avaaz team for urgent campaign translations;  Assisted the Tech Team on new website: beta-testing new features, sharing suggestions, reporting bugs.


General professional portfolio

  • 2019


文档 General professional portfolio