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Cinthya Severino

337 个字

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英语  —
  • 英语(美国)
  • 英语(英国)
  • 西班牙语(阿根廷) 母语
  • 西班牙语(哥伦比亚)
  • 西班牙语(墨西哥)
  • 信息技术和电信 翻译

农业 建筑 文艺 生物 商业 建筑施工 通讯


阿根廷, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, 22:22
11 年 6 个月
I'm a professional technical, scientific and literary EN/ES and ES/EN translator specialized in video games with extensive experience in the localization of subtitles, medical documents, art, marketing, and literary translations such as fiction books and webcomics. I am familiar with most of the CAT tools and online translation platforms available in the market.


Universidad Argentina de la Empresa

  • 2010
  • 阿根廷
  • 硕士
  • Technical, Scientific and Literary Translation


在Freelance EN-SP, SP-EN Translator担任Freelance Translator
2010 到 现在
TEP and LQA of technical, scientific and literary documents - Fiction books, poetry, art-related content, webcomics, graphic novels - Patient information leaflets, medical history records, medical studies, medical records - Subtitling: series, general interest videos, technical tutorials - Marketing content, promotional flyers and leaflets, advertising Specialization in Video games - TEP and transcreation of MMORPG, RPG, platforms, dating sims, indie titles, mobile games, gambling games
在Terra Localizations担任Operations Lead
2020 到 2021
Team lead on video game multilingual translation projects Planning, assigning and directing team work and technical operations Training and supervising team members Recruitment and onboarding initiatives Main point of contact with clients
在Terra Translations LLC担任Project Manager
2018 到 2020
Management of translation and voice over projects to severallanguages Technical assistance for the inhouse/freelance translation team Scheduling of daily assignment lineup for the inhouse team Quoting DTP/OCR tasks for file processing and delivery
在Sound in Words担任Project Manager and Video Game Dubbing Coordinator
2017 到 2019
Management, proofreading and edition of EN-ES and EN-PT videogame translation and dubbing projects Processing of raw video game loc scripts and sorting of audio files forpre-production and recording Quality control for script and audio deliveries Coordination of EN-ES and EN-PT audiobook recording projects Schedule management for talent casting Weekly follow-up conferences with clients to present project reports,solve issues and perform post-mortems


CV - Cinthya Severino

  • 2021


文档 CV - Cinthya Severino