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Barbara Winiarska

490 个字

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英语  —
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波兰语 母语

汽车 航空航天 信息技术和电信 工业自动化 行业 手册 数学


波兰, Krakow, 08:47
15 年 3 个月
I am a freelance technical translator from English to Polish with over 15 years experience in the industry.
I offer proficiency and real commitment to do the translation job and ease of use of translation support software (CAT tools). 
My most recent job was a translation of instructions for medical devices.
I am eager to help with English - Polish translation projects.


AGH University Of Mining And Metallurgy - Krakow

  • 2015
  • 波兰
  • 博士
  • Physics


在LanguageWire Ltd, Unit 401, Metropolitan Wharf, 70 Wapping Wall, E1W 3SS, London担任Freelance translator
2011 到 现在
Translating and proofreading of welding, printing, medical and other industry and marketing texts
在AGH University Of Mining And Metallurgy - Krakow担任Postdoctoral Researcher
2017 到 2020
• Leveraged interpersonal and communication skills to mentor graduate and undergraduate students. • Created scenarios for exercises for students of course "Interaction of radiation with matter." • Visualization of new VELO detector geometry (LHCb CERN experiment) in FLUKA program. • Simulation of radiation damage of VELO / CERN detector.
在101 Translations.com, Adverbage Ltd – New Ross担任Technical translator
2003 到 2020
• Websites localization. • Translated medical leaflets and user manuals and box texts of hardware Safety Data Sheets, Conformity Declarations from English into Polish.
在Paragon Language Consultancy Company, Unit 402, 4/F, Block B, Chung Mei Centre, 15 Hing Yip Street担任Translator
2014 到 2018
Translating home and garden appliance manuals from English into Polish
在Institute of Nuclear Physics PAN – Krakow担任Metrological researcher
2006 到 2017
Making measurements for calibration of dosimetric instruments
在panalingua GmbH, Seefeldstrasse 24, CH-8008 Zürich担任Technical translator
2007 到 2013
Translating manual for cryogenic pumps from English into Polish
在ALAYA INC., 2F Nielsen Bldg., 1-1-71 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0061担任Translator
2006 到 2011
Translating user manuals for electronic appliances from English into Polish


PhD Diploma

  • 2015


文档 PhD Diploma

MSc and engineering diploma

  • 1996


文档 MSc and engineering diploma