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Alyssa da Silva Ribeiro

38千 个字

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葡萄牙语  —
  • 葡萄牙语(巴西) 母语
  • 英语(美国)

文艺 生物 生物技术 化妆 文件和证书 小说 游戏


英语  —
  • 英语(美国)
  • 葡萄牙语(巴西) 母语

文艺 生物 生物技术 化妆 小说 游戏 生命科学


南非, Cape Town, 22:43
17 年 6 个月
My work experience is solely based on Dentistry field, especially giving my patients specialized treatments as a prosthodontist. However, I'm willing to learn new things, especially towards translations, which is a hobby of mine. On the other hand, my experience with English translations (to Brazillian Portuguese or vice-versa) come since my time as a university student. There I'd provided English to Brazillian Portuguese translations of scientif...


University of Brasilia - UnB

  • 2011
  • 巴西
  • 学士
  • Dentistry

University of Brasilia - UnB

  • 2014
  • 巴西
  • 专家
  • Prosthodontology


在Brazil's Air Force担任Manager of the CS and Dental Statistic Division
2018 到 2019
Participating in meetings with superiors to discuss the dental clinic dynamics; Advised superiors about optimized strategies for the customer services; Coordinated a training program and acted as an instructor to enable all team members to use the dental clinic management software; Responsible to assist patients with customer service "over-the-counter" daily booking and rebooking appointments; Coordinated rebooking appointments.
在Brazil's Air Force担任Qualified Prosthodontist
2014 到 2019
Provided dental prosthodontic service and care to the military public and their families; Examined and elaborated patient's prosthodontic treatment plan, always aiming to a complete oral rehabilitation;Helped colleagues to examine and to elaborate a complete oral treatment plan for their patients, giving advice as a prosthodontic expert; Dealt with the oral rehabilitation of polytrauma patients; Coordinated multi-disciplinary treatment plans; etc.
在Brazil's Air Force担任Assistant Manager of the Prosthodontic Division
2014 到 2019
Preparation of reports to superiors about the Prosthodontic Division monthly productivity; Responsible for the annual analysis and update of the Prosthodontic Division official document; In charge of the Prosthodontic Division supplies weekly and its organization at the storage.
在Brazil's Air Force担任Assistant Manager of the Dental Prosthesis Laboratory
2015 到 2018
Responsible for the laboratory's supplies (e.g. dental plasters, impression materials, tools, and equipment); Responsible for the equipment maintenance; Responsible to update the laboratory's norms and rules through an internal and official document annually; Supervising the organization and the disinfection process of the laboratory as a whole; Reporting to the superiors about de dental prosthesis laboratory profits and production rate monthly.
在Brazil's Air Force担任Supervisor Contract Management
2016 到 2017
Responsible for the applicability of biosafety practices and procedures in a hospital/clinic environment, accordingly to the contract; Head of the Quality Control team specialized in Biosafety practices and procedures, always verifying and monitoring the compliance with the current Health Laws; Responsible to verify the cleaning team members' payments and to notify the third party if they didn't pay accordingly; etc.
在Brazil's Air Force担任Assistant Manager of the CS and Dental Statistic Division
2015 到 2016
Responsible for supervising staff; Assisting team members organizing all Dentist's appointments always 1 day ahead; Assisting team members archiving all dental records daily (morning and afternoon shifts); Coordinated the data ingestion from dental records to the patient and dental clinic management software; Responsible to assist patients with customer service daily by phone booking; Responsible to assist patients with customer service daily by phone booking and rebooking dental appointments.
在OdontoForma担任General Dentist
2012 到 2013
Alleviated infections invading oral cavity, salivary glands and jaws by correctly diagnosing, treating and giving specific home care instructions to the patients; Interviewed patients, reviewed health history information and performed checkups to diagnose oral issues and diseases; Administered care in emergency situations to treat acute infections and traumatic tooth injuries; Improved patients' comfort by providing calm and professional care, explaining procedures, and answering questions.


Project Derashine no Hana - Euphoria Scan

  • 2020


文档 Project Derashine no Hana - Euphoria Scan