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Russian to English Interpreter
from Hamburg




WHO I AM: Bilingual since birth I have always had an immence interest in two things: Music and Languages. Throughout my life i had many opportunities and demands to perform translation tasks on a personal and a professional level as well as privatly teaching languages. My translation experience spanns from simple e-meil and daily communications translations to academic translations. While bieng a professional composer i have gained great skill of holding myself to the deadline and demanding the highest standard of work. I am resoursful and an exceptionally quick learner, so no job would be too tough. MY LANGUAGES: Native: English, Russian. Aquired: Swedish (fluent), German (working proficiency), Finnish (working proficiency). WHAT I DO (APART FROM TRANSLATIONS): Proofreading and editing of any written work in English (including academic works). Adaptation to UK-English (native). Script proofreading and editing and fortmating (English only!).

Allcorrect Group

Polish to French Interpreter
from Novi Sad

Allcorrect has been producing high quality content for videogames since 2008. From juicy 2D and 3D graphics to creative text localizations and believable voiceovers, everything we do immerses the player and triggers that dopamine kick. Game studios look for outsourcing partners with reliable quality, broad availability, and predictable delivery times. And we’re up to the challenge! 99.21% of our work is submitted on or ahead of schedule.

Polish to Ukrainian Interpreter
from Cracow




- Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting, translation; - Localization, translation of software and mobile applications; - Development, distribution and administration of content, proofreading of websites; - Provision of consulting services in respect of language aspects, linguistics, translation, software localization; - Arrangement and conduction of business language courses, language trainings for business ethics; - Adaptation, compilation, translation and support of localization databases; - Personnel management and audit; - Planning working process, compilation of reports, statistics of staff performance data; - Monitoring, analysis and testing of software and mobile application localization; - Compilation of databases, dictionaries, specialized literature and their categorization;

Dialect Group

Romanian Interpreter
from Chișinău

Meet the fastest growing language solutions provider in Moldova. We have a dedicated and proactive team, that will ensure quality translations for your business negotiations, official meetings, and written communication.Dialect Group provides the largest range of translation services on the local market: interpretation, translation, subtitles creation and voice-over services. Dialect Group - Translating into Solutions.

English to Kinyarwanda Interpreter
from Kigali




I am a person who can provide innovative approaches to the challenges of Translation. I am a freelance translator who is specialized in African languages as well as some Indo European languages such as English and French and is writing to express a great enthusiasm in partnering with you in case any need related to my language combinations arises Review of my credentials and résumé will confirm that I have a proven good track record that is handy to help me successfully carry out my duties and is promising for successful undertaking of my responsibilities once I am recruited. I have held various relevant positions, undertaken voluntary service as well as trainings which are also vital for Translation Companies.

Azerbaijani (Latin) to English Interpreter




I have been doing translations/interpretations in Eng-Azerbaijani-Eng pair of languages for more than 15 years now. I was born in Azerbaijan, living in this country. I am also attaching my resume for your kind consideration. I am looking forward to partnering with your in any suitable upcoming project


Estonian, Russia, English, German, Ukrainian and Finnish in all combinations. Nordgren Ltd.




I used to handle many big projects in the industry of Banking, Mining & Energy, Hospitality, Food Nutrition, Medication, Educations and Legal. Accuracy and Deadline are my priority.

Sawadee Solution Digital Service Co., Ltd

Tibetan to Thai Interpreter
from Bangkok

Professional translation service based in Bangkok, Thailand. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and work quality. Great rates with all translations quality checked by a native speaker of the target language.

AKM Translations

Spanish to Ukrainian Interpreter
from Moscow, Sochi

"AKM-Translations" offers translation, proofreading and editing services, as well as terminol-ogy management, document authentication, DTP, interpreting, multimedia, localization, event and conference management. We deal with over 100 active language pairs and we are always here to be service to you!

BN Translations

Spanish to Arabic Interpreter
from Marrakech

BN Translations is an ISO 17100 compliant language service provider. We provide translation services in various fields from and into more than 50 major languages. Our motto is "always go the extra mile and exceed our client's expectations".

Italian to English Interpreter
from Milan




After graduating in Specialized Translation from Italy's Advanced School of Modern Languages for Interpreters and Translators, I spent several years working as a translator, interpreter, editor and language consultant for an NGO sponsoring medical and environmental research. I am now working as a freelance translator, editor, proofreader and language consultant. My clients include not-for-profit organizations, publishing houses and LSPs. I specialize in environmental issues, agriculture, agricultural technology, food & drink, medical texts and research (especially nutrition and endocrinology), botany, biology, cosmetics, and international organizations. I seek to broaden my horizons by working together with clients as prestigious and enthusiastic as my current clients. I am ambitious by nature and, through my translations, I will help you make the world a better place to live.

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在 Smartcat Marketplace 上注册免费帐户









使用 Smartcat AI 匹配,在几秒钟内将您与最匹配的口译员联系起来,节省时间和精力



易用性、Smartcat 提供的支持以及从同一平台内寻找自由译员或供应商的能力使 Smartcat 成为一个很棒的平台。我需要的一切都在一个解决方案中。

Michelle Quirke

Topcon 的项目专案经理


就口译服务而言,准确性和质量至关重要。通过 Smartcat Marketplace,您可以确保主题准确性并获得顶级口译服务提供商的服务。Smartcat Marketplace 口译员在特定行业和垂直领域高度专业化,为您提供准确可靠的口译。





3 倍



在 Smartcat Marketplace,我们了解及时交货和节省成本的重要性。我们的口译员致力于在不影响质量的情况下提供快速的周转时间。受益于高效的沟通并节省口译项目的成本。


借助 Smartcat 平台,您可以轻松管理口译项目、跟踪进度并直接与口译员沟通,确保无缝协作并及时完成。








易于使用的 Smartcat 支付系统简化了项目管理和支付流程。

Gina Groß

Wunderman Thompson Commerce Luxembourg 电子商务团队负责人



  • 在一个方便的位置管理您的所有翻译项目


  • 使用协作工具与您的团队和译员无缝合作


  • 随时了解项目进度、截止日期和任何变更


  • 企业级安全措施保护您的机密信息

Smartcat 为我们提供了无缝沟通,这在与如此庞大的译后编辑、校对人员、QA 专家和项目经理团队合作时至关重要。

Çiğdem Tura

Localex 运营经理

通过 Smartcat AI 匹配为您的项目寻找口译员

Smartcat 市场常见问题解答

我如何在 Smartcat Marketplace 上发布口译服务职位?

在 Smartcat Marketplace 上发布口译服务职位非常简单。注册免费帐户后,导航至职位发布部分。提供有关您的项目的详细信息,包括语言对、行业、所需的专业知识和任何具体要求。提交后,我们的平台将为您匹配符合您标准的合格口译员,确保您找到最适合您项目的人选。

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Smartcat 市场上的口译员拥有哪些资格和证书?

在 Smartcat Marketplace,我们优先考虑口译员的质量和专业精神。在口译员加入我们的平台之前,我们会对其进行仔细审查,确保他们拥有必要的资格和证书。我们的口译员拥有各个领域的专业知识,持有相关认证,并在各自的语言对方面拥有丰富的经验。您可以对通过我们的平台雇用的口译员的技能和知识充满信心。您还可以在雇用前查看每位语言学家的专业简介和历史。

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我可以对通过 Smartcat 雇用的口译员进行审核和评分吗?

是的,一点没错!我们鼓励客户通过 Smartcat Marketplace 提供有关他们雇用的口译员的反馈。项目完成后,您将有机会根据口译员的表现、专业水平和整体服务质量对口译员进行审查和评分。您的反馈有助于我们保持卓越的高标准,并帮助未来的客户为其项目选择最合适的口译员。

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在 Smartcat Marketplace,我们努力确保顺利、成功的项目体验。如果您在项目过程中遇到任何问题或疑虑,我们有专门的人员支持团队可以为您提供帮助。只需通过该平台联系我们的支持团队,他们就会立即解决您的疑虑、提供指导并努力解决您可能面临的任何问题。您的满意是我们的首要任务,我们将全程为您提供支持。

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是的,我们拥有可靠的支持团队,可以帮助您解决有关 Smartcat Marketplace 平台的任何疑问或问题。无论您需要平台导航、发布职位、聘请口译员还是任何其他查询方面的帮助,只需向我们的支持团队发送一条消息即可。我们为提供出色的客户支持而感到自豪,确保您在 Smartcat Marketplace 的整个旅程中获得顺利和积极的体验。

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