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Guillaume Gibaux

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英语  — 法语 母语

合同和报告 通讯 企业社会责任 企业资源计划 经济学 文件和证书 电气工程


德语  — 法语 母语

计算机科学 合同和报告 企业社会责任 通讯 文件和证书 企业资源计划 经济学


法国, Paris, 08:52
12 年 5 个月

If you are looking for someone to translate your websites, documents, etc. from English or German to French, you are at the right place.

I am a native in French and a translator specializing in law, transportation (more particularly the railway industry), tourism and communication/marketing with a degree in language studies applied to international trade.

Thanks to my various experiences abroad, especially in Austria and Germany, I develop...


University of Poitiers

  • 2009
  • 法国
  • 硕士
  • Language studies applied to international trade (English/German)

University JKU of Linz

  • 2007
  • 奥地利
  • 学士
  • Economics


在iGi Traduction, Paris, France担任Freelance translator
2021 到 现在
Translated documents in the fields of law, tourism and e-commerce from English and German to French.
在MILLET SAS, Paris, France担任Assistant of the technical department
2017 到 现在
Translated documents and presentations in the fields of law and engineering for the railway industry, managed a fleet of more than 300 wagons: technical support and dispatch of gas and oil wagons to the workshops for revisions and repairs in France and Europe (mainly Germany and Switzerland).
在T-Systems Iberia (subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom), Barcelona, Spain担任Help desk agent
2014 到 2015
Supported customers throughout Europe in the event of technical IT problems, answered calls, followed-up and resolved IT incidents, transferred incidents to level 2 if a problem could be resolved using the ticket creation tool, processed incoming e-mails, maintained an optimal level of service quality.
在Tait Communications, Vienna, Austria担任Customer support representative EMEA
2012 到 2013
Translated documents in the field of telecommunications from English and German to French and served as first point of contact for all customer inquiries, maintained and updated filing system for both outstanding and shipped orders, provided support, follow up and backup to the sales team.
在IXOLIT New Media Development, Vienna, Austria担任Help desk agent (German/French)
2011 到 2012
Translated a website (general conditions, technical information) for its launching in France and supported Usenet users (English, German and French speakers).
在CARTOR Security Printing, Chartres, France担任Sales assistant
2010 到 2011
Translated documents for the printing industry and served as first point of contact for international customers and postal administrations, provided support, follow up and backup to the sales team.
在ENERGY Media (NRJ Group), Hamburg, Germany担任Marketing intern
2009 到 2009
Translated presentations from German to French and English and analyzed and re-processed radio data using the audience measurement tools MA and VuMA and data from advertising agencies / publishing companies, conducted industry reports and media mix presentations for advertisers, updated marketing tools (sales presentations, brochures, BtoB website).




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